I finally got round to creating a Threadless submission:

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How I will continue to learn and move forwards

I have really found this IPP unit to be beneficial to myself in my search for employment. Not only am I more knowledgeable about where to look for employment, I feel I am able to promote myself successfully and in a more considered way.

From now on:

– I will continue with updating my social media platforms on a regular basis and ensure that everything is up to date and communicates information about myself that is relevant and that reflects myself in a professional light

– As well as keeping everything in terms of social media up-to-date, I need to ensure that I am using social media to my advantage and that if there is an opportunity to gain new skills such as courses, lectures or guest speakers, I need to be a part of this. I am already signed up to several websites that send out weekly and monthly updates, so, I need to be aware of the material they are sending out, as, quite often there are opportunities to attend events and seminars, and by attending these, I would not only be boosting my skills through learning, but I would also be benefiting myself in terms of networking and creating new and all important contacts in the industry. This is also about not closing doors to opportunities. I have always believed, and believe even more so now through experience, that if you say no to something, you will regret it and think ‘what if’, I will, with my new found skills, be more opportunistic and aim to go to anything and seek out whatever it is that will not only improve my career but that will also improve myself in both my professional and personal life

– I am going to continue with getting The Guardian and reading the media supplement as I have found this has been a valuable tool in using something that is not online all the time

– I will continue to read all of the online articles and magazines that I have been reading throughout this year

-I will maintain my blog so that I have a record of where I have looked/applied to/considered so that I can work on my reflective practice. Already when I am looking back at earlier blogs from the year, I can see how I have changed and how my knowledge has expanded and I can see how I have learned from mistakes. I think it is very important to be able to reflect on your own practice as well as on others, as, ultimately I am the one who is going to have to make the final decision in my career path, so I need to be secure in the knowledge that I have done everything in the way I have set out to in my plans

– I will use all of my research throughout this unit to so that my career plan is justified and makes sense and is appropriate to what I have explored, where I have been searching and is reflective of how much work I have put in. I feel that at this point, I am more perceptive of the skills I have and can use these and reflect upon them to ensure that wherever I am employed fits my skills and abilities

– I now need to ensure that my personal ‘brand‘ is clear and communicated in everything I do, whether this is my blog, my website, twitter, my business cards, portfolio or CV, it all needs to reflect my brand. That way, if it all fits into each other, I know that I have created a successful brand and one that can communicate with the audience. I would like my brand to be memorable, creative and to be able to show my interests and skills in communication and design

-I am now aware that there are a number of opportunities for me if my initial career plan of working for a magazine does not work out. I have found that opportunities lie in graduate trainee schemes, freelance work or working for another company that I had not thought about. All of these have been presented to me as I have been following my research plan for landing my dream job, and I now feel much more secure in the knowledge that if plan a does not work out initially, there are so many opportunities available to me that I do not need to feel that I have failed if my first option does not initial work out. Although, with that said, I will do everything in my power to make my career plan happen and I hope that my first option is the option that I will be able to work with

– In terms of finding employment in magazines, I need to start applying after the Easter break, as I will have my portfolio and CV ready. I think that applying in late April, into May will be the right time as I will be graduating at the end of June. I have a list of companies I will ring, another list that I will email, and I am aware of the ones that I need to apply to directly through their own online application processes. I will work my way through this process and ensure that I have applied to all of the relevant companies. I am sure that during the application process, as I aim to continue my research and reflection, that I will find other companies and jobs to add to the applications, and there is potential that, as the research is on-going, that I will find better opportunities than what I have found at present

Using books

I have had the chance to read through the recommended book list for the IPP unit. The one that really stands out to me is the following:

365 Steps to Self Confidence – David Lawrence Preston
Confidence is crucial to a happy and fulfilling life. And yet many of us lack
confidence and self-belief. As a result, we are less adventurous and less likely to
get the most out of life. This book is a carefully structured, daily programme coveringthe following areas: * Deciding to be confident * Harnessing self-awareness* How to think confidently * Using your imagination to improve your self-image* How to act with confidence * Communicating with confidence Each of the 52sections contains information, insights and words of inspiration, plus seven exercisesand practical hints or points to ponder.

I really like anything that helps to boost how you are feeling about yourself. I am going to consider buying it as I have seen it online, but first I will check out if it is available at the library.I’ve just had a look on itunes to see if there was a copy available as an audiobook as I had a few audiobooks over the summer which really made the words sink in and meant I could tune in whenever, wherever and especially important to me, I could multitask and listen while doing work!

The thing that does not draw me to these kinds of self-help/’make yourself a better person’/’do as your told’/’I wrote it down so you should do it’ books are that they can be a little repetitive and I worry that if I rely on or base my thoughts on what someone else thinks or says, am I really my own person?


Today I am going to finalise my portfolio and get all of the text into it. I want it to reflect some of my work over the years of studying that I am most proud of and that reflects me as a designer. But mainly, I would like to include work from this year as this is my final year and the year where I feel I am most developed as a designer. I have also really enjoyed and am still enjoying the projects I have worked on and that I am currently working on, as well as being able to show some of the work I have done outside of my coursework.

I need to make sure that any imagery I use is appropriate and visible, that the file size is not too large and that the descriptions are explanatory without being patronising and too simplistic. What I need to understand is that sometimes I will have to send my portfolio out without me being there and that whoever is viewing the work needs to understand it quickly through the images and the text is simply to back up what the work is showing and to provide a brief insight into the work.

At this point I am actually excited to be creating a portfolio as up until now, I have made PDFs of my work but have never had a portfolio that has photographed work in it. I feel that be having the photographs, the work is able to be seen as it should be, rather than presenting someone with the flat images as they appear on my computer screen. It means that I can show how my work can be show in a real-life situation and not just on screen as this can be repetitive and also does not communicate the design and what I am trying to express through the poster/packaging/restaurant/flyer/ticket design.

You are a fibber, a faker and a fraud. You’re hired. The Guardian article…

Today I have read a fascinating article published in The Guardian about faking yourself. Is it right to tell white lies in interviews? The article sums up the three definitions of faking:

Serious faking – lying about degrees/qualifications you have

Deluded faking – believing you are something you are not. One of the examples give is “a narcissistic egocentric may claim to be a caring person, a good listener, or a thoughtful freind.” (The Guardian. FURNHAM, Adrian. 04.04.2011. )

Obeying social etiquette faking – not saying something that you believe may upset someone or saying something to cover up/dress up something, generally putting a rose-tinted view on things for what you believe is the sake of others

As I was reading this article, I continually thought… I couldn’t do this! I don’t think I can lie to save my life, so really I didn’t think this article applied to me. And then the last paragraph shocked me as it said that actually the people who are able to do the third kind of faking are the ones that should be hired, as apparently, according the Furnham, these candidates “know how to behave.” (The Guardian. FURNHAM, Adrian. 04.04.2011. ) So do I now have to tweak how I think, act and speak? I don’t think I should. Maybe some people already do! I guess rose-tinting things doesn’t hurt at the time, but I am always drawn to thinking about the repercussions of not telling the truth and think that one day things will get found out and once you tell one lie, you always have to chase yourself, so really, there isn’t much point.


Do I send it yet?

As I have been working on my final preparations for my CV and for my portfolio, I am beginning to wonder when is the ‘correct’ time for applying for jobs?! I have a few companies that I really like the look of and that have opportunities, but I am not sure if it is too soon to be applying to companies yet… is it too soon with 3 months(ish) to go?

Part of me is saying go for it and apply, but the other part of me is saying, if they offered you a job, could you realistically accept now? Also… what if I applied now and a better opportunity presented itself further down the line? This happened to me last summer… I accepted one placement for a number of reasons, but then got presented with another one which seemed amazing, but wasn’t (at the time) long enough for the 5 month summer, however the one that I should have taken ended up being a full summer placement and the one I took turned out to not be what I expected. So, with that in mind, I do not want to rush into decisions and make choices before I am completely sure that I have pursued all lines of inquiry and made sure that I am not shutting doors to potential opportunities. This is a really important decision and one that I am completely aware of every day and do not want to regret my decisions or run into blindly.

It’s not my fault I missed the deadline…

How many times must teachers hear that?!

But I am not a school kid who has missed their deadline because of homework problems. I have missed my deadline because of a lack of communication. Angry to say the least.

Anyway… can’t dwell on things to much, and I am of the opinion that everything happens for a reason, so I will just forget about this and try for the other suggested grand/bursary idea and see where that one goes.

I am so, so ready to make this idea happen… just need some support and enthusiasm for it please 🙂 Or some angel/fairy godmother/genie who would like to support me and make everything happen… whichever comes first…