Update on The Guardian

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The Guardian is still something that I am reflecting on weekly and looking into, in terms of what is available.

Today I was really inspired to apply for a graduate trainee program that HarperCollins have – http://www.harpercollins.co.uk. The deadline is Monday 11th, so I would like to apply for this as it is 18 months and would provide me with some really relevant experience in both media and editorial. I will keep an update with how this goes.


Still no news…

So… it is the Friday before the deadline which is on Monday, and I have not received a reply from the person I am awaiting a reply from in terms of my business plan. I am a little concerned as I know the deadline is Monday at midday and I am aware I need to sort out the finance side, so unless I receive a reply by the end of the day or over the weekend, I am not looking like I am going to make this deadline. A bit unhappy about this to say the least, especially as, every time I email (and this is someone at uni, where we are hassled none stop about keeping on top of our emails/updates/social media etc.) about this Test Trade Fund, I have to either find the person and face-to-face ask them, which is what I did yesterday or I have to send a back-up email.

I don’t like to moan about uni, but this is a little unfair when on the one hand we are being told to go out and be creative, to go forth and be entrpreneurial, when in actual fact, we are being held back by the very people who could help us. Is this reluctance to help?! Or is this the reverse of biting the hand that feeds?? Surely if we are to create a fantastic reputation as graduates, we should be able to get the support we need, why should it be so difficult and blood-from-stone-like?!? I am a little infuriated to say the least.

And to top it off… I keep seeing lots of articles about fantastic and amazing female entrepreneurs… I would so much love to be there, and I have the ideas to do it, but it is so disheartening when you aren’t even getting a response in the one place you should be able to rely on for one. Angry.

Watch this space…


Design Week -Top Jobs

I have been looking at the Design Week ‘Top Jobs’ newsletter this morning. On this newsletter, Design Week list their top 5 jobs available. I found this newsletter was really interesting and provided me with an insight into some of the top jobs available. Unfortunately at this stage, it would seem that the jobs are a little out of reach for me as all of them required several years in the industry, but, whereas a few months ago I would have taken this as a disappointment, I have actually found this to be inspiring and it has given me more of a drive to push forwards with my career and keep looking for ways that I can be good enough and have enough experience to go for the top jobs one day.

Sent off the business plan

I’ve emailed my business plan to someone in uni to have a look at. It is okay to do this as apparently I am protected in terms of IP as I’m at Ravensbourne… so no worrying that this person is going to run off with my ideas, thought I’d get that in there before this is mentioned AGAIN to me. I know, I am aware, and I have actually sent the idea to someone who may be able to point me in the right direction.

So… I will wait and see. There is a deadline for Monday for submitting for a the Test Trade Fund, and I was told to email my business plan in before the deadline so that I could receive some feedback… I will keep posting about the progress.

Make a list

Today I have not felt ever so productive so far… yes I know it is 11am, but I feel unproductive when all i’ve done up until now is go through emails, make lists and feel like i’ve been procrastinating (when I haven’t, but sitting on the laptop doing emails doesn’t feel like i’ve made much of my day).

Anyway, as I am in an unproductive designing mood, I am going to be over-proactive and make a list of all the magazines I need to research in terms of where I would love to work in my dream world.

Here are the magazines (these are the food/events ones):

Good Food, Olive, Easycook, Jamie, Delicious, Food Illustrated, Taste of Home, Gourmet Traveller, Bella Cookbook and Brides Magazine

All that I have to do now is try to find out how to find their current vacancies/employment sections which is proving quite a difficult task… more searching is needed!!!

After making my list I feel a little more productive. I have located contact numbers for some of the magazines and some of them have online contact forms… hmmm… the hunt is on.

Writing a business plan

Today I am sitting down and getting very involved in writing a business plan.

Not sure how well I am doing it, but it is working out well so far as I can see and it makes a lot more sense writing everything down rather than carrying it round in my head for so long.

The only problem I am definitely going to have that I can predict so far is costing as I need to really sit down and come up with some definite costs. This will take a while, but I really want to get it right and make a good job of it first time round. This will mean asking all the right people as I don’t think this is something that can be guessed! I also need to figure out how to raise the appropriate funds and where this will come from etc. So, this week I aim to finalise all of this and come up with something that resembles a ‘proper’ business plan and financial costings.

I found this link on Stylist Magazine’s website:


So, I’m going to work my way through this for pointers on what I should be doing (and not doing!!!).