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Do I send it yet?

As I have been working on my final preparations for my CV and for my portfolio, I am beginning to wonder when is the ‘correct’ time for applying for jobs?! I have a few companies that I really like the look of and that have opportunities, but I am not sure if it is too soon to be applying to companies yet… is it too soon with 3 months(ish) to go?

Part of me is saying go for it and apply, but the other part of me is saying, if they offered you a job, could you realistically accept now? Also… what if I applied now and a better opportunity presented itself further down the line? This happened to me last summer… I accepted one placement for a number of reasons, but then got presented with another one which seemed amazing, but wasn’t (at the time) long enough for the 5 month summer, however the one that I should have taken ended up being a full summer placement and the one I took turned out to not be what I expected. So, with that in mind, I do not want to rush into decisions and make choices before I am completely sure that I have pursued all lines of inquiry and made sure that I am not shutting doors to potential opportunities. This is a really important decision and one that I am completely aware of every day and do not want to regret my decisions or run into blindly.


Degree show team sorted

As manager for Graphic Design, Level 3 Degree show, I have been working with my class to sort out the roles for the degree show team.

I thought it was important to make sure that everyone was involved in some aspect, whether this is in a managing role or as a member of that team, so I’m really happy that everyone has been able to find a place to work on the team. I hope we are able to make a really brilliant degree show and lot of industry professionals are able to come and see our final show and see the work we have produced for it. I’m really excited about all the discussions all the teams have been having, especially being the Marketing Director, I get to be a part of the overall management team for the entire show (the whole of Ravensbourne is working together to produce a collaborative degree show across all of the courses) and work with all of the courses.

New briefs

We have been given our new briefs for next term, which is set to be a 12 week term!! This is due to us moving sites and now being in the lovely new Ravensbourne building up on Greenwich Peninsula and not moving in until 25th October! So, this term was 8 weeks, making next term 12… not sure whether that’s going to seem like way too long or whether it will actually turn out to be enough time…

The briefs are: D&AD… so this means choosing one of those to study and Major Project, so this means choosing a project for our own final major project.

I’m not too sure where I’m going with it yet. But as soon as I get an idea, I’ll start on the research. At the moment, I really need to focus on my Competition Brief and getting everything sorted for Penrose Market on Wednesday.

Whip it!

Just listening to Radio 1 and there was a cover of Whip Your Hair… which they sampled Devo’s Whip It… so I had to go listen to that, which led me to listening to Tilly and The Wall ‘Pot Kettle Black’. And then I found a brilliant soundtrack to the film ‘Whip It’… go listen!! Its brilliant!

And, I remember how much I love Tilly and The Wall… http://tillyandthewall.com/ They are madness, but I love it! And if you can get to see them live, do it! One of the best random, unexpected bands I have seen!

Here’s the album I’m listening to (I vaguely remember reading about it when it came out… Drew Barrymore directs it):

Dissertation to do…

To do list of the day:

-Delete irrelevant sections (there was a point when these bits were really relevant, however after having someone read over it with fresh eyes, it is great to hear that actually it is not needed. Also, if I remove these chunks out, it shortens my intro. which means it will be the right length it needs to be!)

-Move sections onto separate pages (I didn’t realise that each section including things like Chapters had to be on separate pages… thank you page break tool!!)

-Sort out the flow from the end of one chapter to the beginning of the next

-Make question less colloquial

I know this isn’t the most exciting blog post really, but it is really relevant and I hope some of these points may help out anyone else writing!!

Pecha kucha

Today we have a lecture for industry day at Ravensbourne with alumni, the lecture is in the style of pecha kucha so it’s going pretty quickly and we are getting a really quick insight into the industry from recent graduates. A the moment we are 3 people int the 10 people who are here to talk.

So… It’s all about the networking and who you know not what you know! I am inspired!


Charity research

I have begun to research charities that I feel would be of benefit.

I am thinking along the educational/youth lines.


Through looking at charities, I am inspired in terms of my own business plans for my future career plan. I would like to be able to support and help causes as I feel that I have been privileged enough to live in this country, to go to school, university and live in a flat at university and have a home I can go to where my family lives. I have so much opportunity that I feel that it is sometimes taken for granted, and I would love to be successful enough in my own career to create a business than can have links with charities and support communities and people who have not had the opportunities I have had to this point. I also feel that by adding the drive of a charity to my work, it creates an even further determination on my part to be a success as, through the development of my E&E project and through my careers research, I find that so much emphasis is placed on money and value and not as much is placed on the difference design has on the world. I have always been passionate about how design can influence and change opinions and create a story, so, it only seems fitting that the difference that I can make does not only affect myself in a positive way, but also creates a positive affect on other people.