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You are a fibber, a faker and a fraud. You’re hired. The Guardian article…

Today I have read a fascinating article published in The Guardian about faking yourself. Is it right to tell white lies in interviews? The article sums up the three definitions of faking:

Serious faking – lying about degrees/qualifications you have

Deluded faking – believing you are something you are not. One of the examples give is “a narcissistic egocentric may claim to be a caring person, a good listener, or a thoughtful freind.” (The Guardian. FURNHAM, Adrian. 04.04.2011. )

Obeying social etiquette faking – not saying something that you believe may upset someone or saying something to cover up/dress up something, generally putting a rose-tinted view on things for what you believe is the sake of others

As I was reading this article, I continually thought… I couldn’t do this! I don’t think I can lie to save my life, so really I didn’t think this article applied to me. And then the last paragraph shocked me as it said that actually the people who are able to do the third kind of faking are the ones that should be hired, as apparently, according the Furnham, these candidates “know how to behave.” (The Guardian. FURNHAM, Adrian. 04.04.2011. ) So do I now have to tweak how I think, act and speak? I don’t think I should. Maybe some people already do! I guess rose-tinting things doesn’t hurt at the time, but I am always drawn to thinking about the repercussions of not telling the truth and think that one day things will get found out and once you tell one lie, you always have to chase yourself, so really, there isn’t much point.