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Today I am going to finalise my portfolio and get all of the text into it. I want it to reflect some of my work over the years of studying that I am most proud of and that reflects me as a designer. But mainly, I would like to include work from this year as this is my final year and the year where I feel I am most developed as a designer. I have also really enjoyed and am still enjoying the projects I have worked on and that I am currently working on, as well as being able to show some of the work I have done outside of my coursework.

I need to make sure that any imagery I use is appropriate and visible, that the file size is not too large and that the descriptions are explanatory without being patronising and too simplistic. What I need to understand is that sometimes I will have to send my portfolio out without me being there and that whoever is viewing the work needs to understand it quickly through the images and the text is simply to back up what the work is showing and to provide a brief insight into the work.

At this point I am actually excited to be creating a portfolio as up until now, I have made PDFs of my work but have never had a portfolio that has photographed work in it. I feel that be having the photographs, the work is able to be seen as it should be, rather than presenting someone with the flat images as they appear on my computer screen. It means that I can show how my work can be show in a real-life situation and not just on screen as this can be repetitive and also does not communicate the design and what I am trying to express through the poster/packaging/restaurant/flyer/ticket design.


Degree show team sorted

As manager for Graphic Design, Level 3 Degree show, I have been working with my class to sort out the roles for the degree show team.

I thought it was important to make sure that everyone was involved in some aspect, whether this is in a managing role or as a member of that team, so I’m really happy that everyone has been able to find a place to work on the team. I hope we are able to make a really brilliant degree show and lot of industry professionals are able to come and see our final show and see the work we have produced for it. I’m really excited about all the discussions all the teams have been having, especially being the Marketing Director, I get to be a part of the overall management team for the entire show (the whole of Ravensbourne is working together to produce a collaborative degree show across all of the courses) and work with all of the courses.

Pancake day :)

Today was a busy day of tutorials and a lecture from Tony Philips at The Partners. I find lectures are a great way of finding out about how someone who is already in the industry is finding working and also how they got to where they are. It is really inspiring and reassuring to know that everything I am doing at the moment on my course will all fall into place over the course of my career and that the worries I have now of job applications, progressions within a company and how I will do in my degree are all completely natural and a part of the pathway of the career of a graphic designer.

I feel really productive and as though what I am doing has a lot more meaning and that my research is really beginning to show through in the final pieces. I need to print out some test runs of the designs I finished tonight, but I will do that next week at uni as the rest of this week will be spent working on FMP and sketchbook work.

I made pancakes when I got back and used Norwegian Blabersirop (a gift from Norway for my birthday)

Career Path

Yesterday we had the third session of IPP for the year… I found it interesting to hear about other people’s ideas and career plans and inspiring to hear where other people are heading. At the same time… scary!! In just a few months we will all be graduating.

I wrote down my career plan, the things I want to do by January and where I see myself in five years time (this is my idea). I really would like to study an OU course next year or the year after in business, so I really need to start to explore this. I need to explore how I will financially afford this and whether I would be able to pursue this depending on the career path I end up on. It may be that, after all of this, I find a job that I had not thought about or one that offers me a completely different experience. As I have learned so far, throughout my education, a lot can change, and despite having plans now, another, more promising, more exciting or completely different direction may come into the equation and then I have a new path to move on to.

One point that I didn’t really understand was… would we pay for example £100 to be known as ‘Ravensbourne Alumni’… I would if I was earning enough money, possibly… but why do we have to pay for something that we are anyway? If I knew what the £100 was for then I would consider it further, but for now it seems like an unexplained expense and I am confused by it.

My plan:

To order cards



I can mail out bundles of cards in time for Christmas.

My postcards would also be great to use as Thank You notes for after Christmas.

The prices are:

£1 per card

£4 for 5 cards

£7 for 10 cards

See my page rubyophelia’s stall for more information and images of the cards

Working out in time…

FINALLY, my idea feels like its all coming together, after going back through research and sketchbooks and realising I have a lot more work than I thought, there were some places that I wrote down or did drawings of ideas and now i’m able to put all this into practice.

I’ve made a V E R Y long to-do list for today and tomorrow, but it should be fairly easy to pull together as the main work is done, this is just the realisation stages.

I’m happy as my time management is paying off and i’m getting more done this year, with no panicking involved… YET!

They’ve arrived!

The postcards arrived yesterday, in one small box, so no need to worry about how big the order was going to be!

Now I need to order calico.

I have also in a recent development commissioned the illustrator to produce some original artwork that I will be able to sell alongside the postcards at Penrose Market Ravensbourne.