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Today I am going to finalise my portfolio and get all of the text into it. I want it to reflect some of my work over the years of studying that I am most proud of and that reflects me as a designer. But mainly, I would like to include work from this year as this is my final year and the year where I feel I am most developed as a designer. I have also really enjoyed and am still enjoying the projects I have worked on and that I am currently working on, as well as being able to show some of the work I have done outside of my coursework.

I need to make sure that any imagery I use is appropriate and visible, that the file size is not too large and that the descriptions are explanatory without being patronising and too simplistic. What I need to understand is that sometimes I will have to send my portfolio out without me being there and that whoever is viewing the work needs to understand it quickly through the images and the text is simply to back up what the work is showing and to provide a brief insight into the work.

At this point I am actually excited to be creating a portfolio as up until now, I have made PDFs of my work but have never had a portfolio that has photographed work in it. I feel that be having the photographs, the work is able to be seen as it should be, rather than presenting someone with the flat images as they appear on my computer screen. It means that I can show how my work can be show in a real-life situation and not just on screen as this can be repetitive and also does not communicate the design and what I am trying to express through the poster/packaging/restaurant/flyer/ticket design.


Online search

Recently I have been having a look around on various fashion websites. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about how much I would love to work for a fashion magazine/website/in the fashion area and had focussed so much on the editorial side of fashion that I really hadn’t allowed myself to think about the aspect that I love so much – the interaction with the consumer, the POS, the how to get the customer motivated, and this all happens through not only printed press, but also through online media, so it is with this that I am going to start searching online in greater detail and see where this takes me.


I would like to work at Mulberry… I have a list of companies I would love to work for, today’s dream company is Mulberry. Every now and again I am going to list one of the companies I love… just because I don’t think I should keep all my dreams in my head or that is where they will stay!!!

EDIT 27/03

I emailed. No jobs at the moment, but they have my CV now 🙂

It sometimes feels like a bit of a rejection, but honestly, I’ve not quite graduated yet, so as much as I feel like having a complete ohmygod moment… there is no point, I just need to keep dreaming and looking and hoping.

Degree show team sorted

As manager for Graphic Design, Level 3 Degree show, I have been working with my class to sort out the roles for the degree show team.

I thought it was important to make sure that everyone was involved in some aspect, whether this is in a managing role or as a member of that team, so I’m really happy that everyone has been able to find a place to work on the team. I hope we are able to make a really brilliant degree show and lot of industry professionals are able to come and see our final show and see the work we have produced for it. I’m really excited about all the discussions all the teams have been having, especially being the Marketing Director, I get to be a part of the overall management team for the entire show (the whole of Ravensbourne is working together to produce a collaborative degree show across all of the courses) and work with all of the courses.

FMP progression

I have started to form a complete idea for my FMP, rather than just researching around the subject area of Sustainable Fashion. I decided that with one week to go until my Formative Assessment, I really need to start having ideas about what it is that I am going to create.

At the moment, I am happy with my idea… I have a tutorial on Thursday to see how everything is going and to talk about my idea and whether it is one that I can realistically pursue.

Working in illustrator

I’ve been getting really frustrated with the design process for this project… I have ideas but I stop before I’ve pursued them properly, so, as of today, when I have an idea, I’m going to at least draw it or write it down rather than shutting myself off from it before it has even happened.

I’ve started to draw my designs into illustrator… not sure how I feel about them at this point, but they are works in progress and I’m hoping that by the end of the day they will start to look more ‘life-like’ and less like components pieced together using software… which is what they look like to me at the moment, and I think is what is stopping me feeling inspired by the designs. I like all the separate components but at the moment they do not feel like the finished piece.

Last tutorial before formative

Overall I feel that my tutorial went well and has given me the advice that I needed in order to move forwards with my project.

I need to stop focusing on the packaging at the moment and move on to the design process. I am happy that this was the advice given as this is the point I wanted to be at, at this point.