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Using books

I have had the chance to read through the recommended book list for the IPP unit. The one that really stands out to me is the following:

365 Steps to Self Confidence – David Lawrence Preston
Confidence is crucial to a happy and fulfilling life. And yet many of us lack
confidence and self-belief. As a result, we are less adventurous and less likely to
get the most out of life. This book is a carefully structured, daily programme coveringthe following areas: * Deciding to be confident * Harnessing self-awareness* How to think confidently * Using your imagination to improve your self-image* How to act with confidence * Communicating with confidence Each of the 52sections contains information, insights and words of inspiration, plus seven exercisesand practical hints or points to ponder.

I really like anything that helps to boost how you are feeling about yourself. I am going to consider buying it as I have seen it online, but first I will check out if it is available at the library.I’ve just had a look on itunes to see if there was a copy available as an audiobook as I had a few audiobooks over the summer which really made the words sink in and meant I could tune in whenever, wherever and especially important to me, I could multitask and listen while doing work!

The thing that does not draw me to these kinds of self-help/’make yourself a better person’/’do as your told’/’I wrote it down so you should do it’ books are that they can be a little repetitive and I worry that if I rely on or base my thoughts on what someone else thinks or says, am I really my own person?