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It’s not my fault I missed the deadline…

How many times must teachers hear that?!

But I am not a school kid who has missed their deadline because of homework problems. I have missed my deadline because of a lack of communication. Angry to say the least.

Anyway… can’t dwell on things to much, and I am of the opinion that everything happens for a reason, so I will just forget about this and try for the other suggested grand/bursary idea and see where that one goes.

I am so, so ready to make this idea happen… just need some support and enthusiasm for it please 🙂 Or some angel/fairy godmother/genie who would like to support me and make everything happen… whichever comes first…


Still no news…

So… it is the Friday before the deadline which is on Monday, and I have not received a reply from the person I am awaiting a reply from in terms of my business plan. I am a little concerned as I know the deadline is Monday at midday and I am aware I need to sort out the finance side, so unless I receive a reply by the end of the day or over the weekend, I am not looking like I am going to make this deadline. A bit unhappy about this to say the least, especially as, every time I email (and this is someone at uni, where we are hassled none stop about keeping on top of our emails/updates/social media etc.) about this Test Trade Fund, I have to either find the person and face-to-face ask them, which is what I did yesterday or I have to send a back-up email.

I don’t like to moan about uni, but this is a little unfair when on the one hand we are being told to go out and be creative, to go forth and be entrpreneurial, when in actual fact, we are being held back by the very people who could help us. Is this reluctance to help?! Or is this the reverse of biting the hand that feeds?? Surely if we are to create a fantastic reputation as graduates, we should be able to get the support we need, why should it be so difficult and blood-from-stone-like?!? I am a little infuriated to say the least.

And to top it off… I keep seeing lots of articles about fantastic and amazing female entrepreneurs… I would so much love to be there, and I have the ideas to do it, but it is so disheartening when you aren’t even getting a response in the one place you should be able to rely on for one. Angry.

Motivated and productive

I love the days when I feel very motivated and productive.

Today I started off the day with 2 clementines and a cup of tea and resisted the urge to sit and work while I ate breakfast… this is my downfall- eating on the go. So, for this year I am going to keep to eating as a break rather than while I work.

I then did a bit of research into what needs to be done today and was surprised to find how much I have actually done this week… it’s been one of those weeks where it really feels like I haven’t done much, but I have put in a lot of hours and really not done much else (boring I know, but I really would like my degree to be totally worth it and not feel like at the end of it I didn’t work for it.)

Today’s work:

Next I made pancakes and scrambled eggs, went for a walk with my boyfriend and picked up a Starbucks and because I had a 50p off offer, the coffee was only £1.65… ahhhh I’m getting old when I start talking about things like this! But… I am a student and am definitely feeling it this term.

I think Christmas makes everyone feel it with money, so I’m going to attempt to be quite good for the last 2 terms… should be okay as I just got bought lots of lovely new clothes for Christmas, have ordered some Winter boots and one of my dresses for either the Hen Do in February or the Wedding itself I am going to in March (V excited).

Despite it being the weekend, I actually don’t mind working so much as this holiday has been the chill-out I needed… I’ve seen the friends I wanted to, but also, as always, didn’t get to see some of the ones I really miss =[ I only had a week and a half back, so tried to fit in as much as possible really! And, I got to spend a really long weekend with my family over the weekend Christmas fell on. The bottom image is a new app I downloaded on my iPhone called Incredibooth- definitely worth checking out.

Cookies and muffins please

I’m quite looking forward to being back in my flat and being able to bake whenever I like. Although, at the moment I’m wanting to be a bit healthy (it’s that time of year I guess…) I haven’t really noticed anything other than feeling quite empty and I’m not cutting anything out, just not eating as much in-between rubbish… chocolate, sweets, pre-packed biscuits etc.

So, to keep my sweet craving happy, I’m going to go back to some of my favourite recipes for healthy cookies and muffins such as the Apple and Yogurt muffins I haven’t made in over a year.I will take pictures when I’ve made them… hopefully they will taste as good as I remember, and hopefully they will work being gluten free this time around.

Day of rest!

Today I have to rest… after thinking I was better yesterday, I ended up spending 8 hours in A&E and am now resting and trying to get myself all fit and well again!

So, as I am in bed all day, I’m going to take advantage of this and do all the computer stuff I need to do… progress map, finishing

Image representing Graze as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

up line drawing, checking through dissertation.

In other news, I am very happy as I got a bonus Graze box yesterday! Yay! (if you want a free box to try for yourself, go to my ‘Free Graze Box’ post.) And, my final Christmas present turned up!! I would really like it if my shoes turned up now… would quite like them today.

Note to self… do not drink this much fruit juice and eat this many grapes. Not good. Just because they’re healthy does not mean they all need eating.

I may have a look over my D&AD briefs at some point today too!

Free Graze box


I just tried out ordering from!

It is actually brilliant… I was a bit doubtful to begin with, as I thought… food through the post?! But if you want something cheap, quick and easy and healthy then this is great… last night I came in after work tired and hungry and my graze box had been delivered! It was free as your first one is free and then your second is half price! And, having destroyed the contents of 3 of the 4 tubs between last night and right now, I would say go for it! You can choose what you want to put into the box and there are all sorts of allergy specific things you can click on, which is great for me as I always worry where and how everything has been packaged with.

Here is the code you can enter into the website for a free box:

And, don’t worry about delivery, the package is letterbox sized, and the little tubs inside are all sealed shut!
FINALLY uploaded the picture… for some reason iPhoto does not want to work on my laptop, but a better version is available on my desktop?!

All done, for now!

I think i’ve managed to sort everything out on here! For now!

I’m feeling a little better today, although I definitely can’t focus on illustrator properly which is really annoying. So, i’m focusing on preparing everything for Penrose Market on Wednesday and then i’m going to do a bit of dissertation after lunch. As I’m at work today (back on the front desk) and its quiet, I can use the time to get my head back into work. One part of me is saying stop and get better, but the other part is saying work through it this week and then relax at Christmas. I just don’t want to end up going back home and feeling exhausted!

Here is my ‘To Do’ list of the weekend:

I bought some really lovely Christmas cards from the other week, so I’m going to write these out today and get the in the post! Here is my Christmassy table I am working from (the Marks & Spencer bag is recycled material with a print on it, the Starbucks was a Soya Toffee Nut Latte- after yesterday’s disaster of experimenting with the Gingerbread Latte, this had to be done, and the cards are the ones I mentioned before):

Right. Now to get on with making the bits and bobs for my stall. Then, this afternoon I will print it out on Ivory Card as I remembered I have some of this. It was one of those offers where you buy it and don’t really know why, so I’m definitely glad I bought it! I think it was from Rymans. I’ve used the White Card from there and it printed really well, so I don’t have to worry about print quality.

This afternoon I need to go buy sellotape after work… realised the other day that a key component of present wrapping is definitely tape!!