Make a list

Today I have not felt ever so productive so far… yes I know it is 11am, but I feel unproductive when all i’ve done up until now is go through emails, make lists and feel like i’ve been procrastinating (when I haven’t, but sitting on the laptop doing emails doesn’t feel like i’ve made much of my day).

Anyway, as I am in an unproductive designing mood, I am going to be over-proactive and make a list of all the magazines I need to research in terms of where I would love to work in my dream world.

Here are the magazines (these are the food/events ones):

Good Food, Olive, Easycook, Jamie, Delicious, Food Illustrated, Taste of Home, Gourmet Traveller, Bella Cookbook and Brides Magazine

All that I have to do now is try to find out how to find their current vacancies/employment sections which is proving quite a difficult task… more searching is needed!!!

After making my list I feel a little more productive. I have located contact numbers for some of the magazines and some of them have online contact forms… hmmm… the hunt is on.


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