Cant sleep wont sleep

I can’t sleep… So much going on at the moment at uni that I feel like everything I’m doing has to have it’s own separate calendar in iCal and have an alarm attached to it! At least it’s keeping me v organised tho, so that’s a positive! I’m just finding it pretty crazy that v soon I will be graduated and I still can quite believe it. But it’s an exciting feeling… I’m not as nervous as I thought I would be… Although that could have something to do with not actually hitting the third term yet… Easter in 3 weeks so we’ll see how I’m feeling after that.

This week I’m going to sort out the finalising of my Live Project (the D&AD brief) and making sure it’s all ready for the hand in date and also start working on more structured ideas for my FMP which is starting to take shape now. And then amongst all my uni work projects I have a lot of degree show stuff to get on with, so it will be yet another week of meetings, tutorials and coffee I should think.

In other news…
I’m hoping the sun will stay this week as it makes everything seem much happier and easy to deal with. And I know that sounds so ‘easy-to-please’ but I have always said… It’s the little things that count. I think small things that being happiness in bursts are sometimes better for keeping a good mood going than one big thing. Not that I’m opposed to grand gestures of loveliness of course… Just the sun makes me happy is all 🙂


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