Pancake day :)

Today was a busy day of tutorials and a lecture from Tony Philips at The Partners. I find lectures are a great way of finding out about how someone who is already in the industry is finding working and also how they got to where they are. It is really inspiring and reassuring to know that everything I am doing at the moment on my course will all fall into place over the course of my career and that the worries I have now of job applications, progressions within a company and how I will do in my degree are all completely natural and a part of the pathway of the career of a graphic designer.

I feel really productive and as though what I am doing has a lot more meaning and that my research is really beginning to show through in the final pieces. I need to print out some test runs of the designs I finished tonight, but I will do that next week at uni as the rest of this week will be spent working on FMP and sketchbook work.

I made pancakes when I got back and used Norwegian Blabersirop (a gift from Norway for my birthday)


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