IPP Interview practice (second session)

20 interview tips:

1) When you send your CV, you should customise it to the specific company

2) When you go to an interview be on time

3) Turn your phone off

4) Know the company and why you want to work there

5) Bring a CV with you (to hand out)

6) Take notes throughout the interview – shows that you care

7) Dress appropriately


9) Don’t make jokes… not the right environment

10) Don’t babble

11) Don’t bad-mouth the boss/college/uni you are at – you don’t want negatives to come out of the interview

12) Don’t flirt with the interviewer

13) Don’t play with face or hair


15) Have good eye-to-eye contact

16) Think about potential questions – ‘what do you see yourself doing in 5 years time?’

17) Have accomplishments, be proud of something you have done

18) Have passion

19) Ask questions

20) Send a thank you note

Other advice:

Put good work at frot and abck of portfolio

Have questions ready to ask

Take a pad and pen – organised

Talk about your work before you show it but don’t talk too much

Take mock-ups as well as drawings – thought processes, how I conceptualise things, where my ideas come from

On CV – do not talk about exam results or irrelevant information

Don’t talk about holiday or money in the first interview

Give a firm handshake

Tell them you really want the job (hardly anyone ever does this…!)

Ask for their business cards (implies you want to keep in contact)

Make sure branding is consistent – business card, CV and email signature

Questions to ask:

Why is this job available?

Can you eleaborate on my day-to-day duties?

Could you describe a typical day?

How long has this position been available?

What is my most pressing task in this role?

Can you elaborate on who I will be working with?

How is this company advancing over the competition?

How and who will be measuring my performance?

If I were to start this job what would be my firs task?

What are the skills and abilities needed for this job?

How does this position impact on the company?

Do you have any reservations about my suitability?

How do you describe the corporate culture here?


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