Planning my career

Reflecting on an earlier IPP session in which we detailed our career plan, how we would implement it and why that was our chosen route, I have been considering the steps I need to take to arrive at where I aim to be. The things I feel that I can now do have been highlighted through the recent IPP sessions:

I can now analyse and articulate the skills and experience I have through creating my portfolio, CV and online presence in a way that reflects me as a designer, showcases my work and details the relevant experience I have.

Through the IPP sessions I have reassessed how I will introduce myself in interviews. I feel more confident and also in some ways I feel reassured that I have been doing the right thing, but that maybe I need to be a little more confident in my approach.

I have been able to realise the importance of networking. I have always had an interest in social networking, but through these sessions, I have been able to realise how vital it is to make and maintain contacts and how valuable these contacts will be in my future career. I have already had experience of the value of contacts through gaining placements and recommending people for jobs while on placements, however now, with my heightened interest in social networking and taking a more professional approach to this area of promotional material, I can now see how much being well presented in terms of presence on the internet and being part of an online community can really start to benefit and show merits in terms of my career plan and how I will begin to place myself within the industry.

After considering my own career plan and actually writing it down rather than carrying the idea around in my head, I have and continue to identify resources for finding employment. This has been an interesting and insightful experience as, I was initially aware of some of the places I could look, but I am now aware of a much wider area that I can look to, to find employment.

Something that I have struggled with is motivation and keeping myself up-beat about finding a job. I have found it can be disheartening to learn that you are not skilled enough according to a company’s ‘Must have…’ or ‘Should be…’ qualification sections of a job advertisement. However, I am learning to not take this as a set back and to look for jobs that have a similar description but which fit my qualifications better at this stage. I also find that hearing that a company ‘does not have any jobs at present’ can be a little patronising after a while and that your hopes can get built up and be knocked back down in the click of an email. With that said, I have learned to take this all in my stride and to not let it get to me. I think that with every set-back, I am only setting myself up to reach my career plan, and anything that happens before that is there for me to learn from and build upon.


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