CV needs sorting out

I need to start to pull together my CV. This is one thing that I am quite happy with and that I have kept updated since my first year of studying at Ravensbourne. It is through keeping my CV up-to-date that I have been able to quickly apply for jobs or internships as and when I see them, rather than having to spend an hour or two or even a day or more sorting it out and preparing and therefore losing out on potential experience. I also find that by keeping my CV up-to-date I am able to give the impression that I am organised and can be punctual with delivery which in turn sets a good tone with potential employers – if I am able to show that I can quickly deliver this one document, then it shows me in good light and shows that I will be able to work promptly and efficiently.

A quote that someone recently told me and that I think fits with my views on having a current and relevant CV is: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”


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