Sustainable, sustainability, the ability to sustain…

How effective is sustainability?

Are people willing to sacrifice their easy life-styles and try a little harder to protect their planet?

Is it even hard work in the first place?

These are questions I would like to explore for my Final Major Project AND for my D&AD brief. It seems that there are over-lapping questions and research points in both projects which I am quite happy about.

On the recommendation of some of the current fashion third year students, I am looking at some lovely work by a Ravensbourne graduate- Callum Harvey:

I really like this work and it is very inspiring to see someone from Ravensbourne doing so well.

My plan of action for FMP is to get as much research in as possible before my brain starts to run away with ideas. I think this won’t be too much of a problem as, I am really enjoying researching and learning about sustainability. With my last project idea I felt restricted in that I had already studied a branding project recently and I have previously completed a project on branding an event in second year.


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