Final major re-think

I was going to pursue a branding and marketing campaign for an event being held at Ravensbourne, however, after spending two weeks researching into my target audience of 15-17 year olds, looking at event marketing and generally exploring the subject area, I decided that this really wasn’t a project that would a) be worthy of a 30 credit unit and b) i would not be able to fully immerse myself in this project.

So, after a tutorial and talking through my passions and what it is I want to create, my tutor and I broke down every aspect and I have chosen to pursue a fashion element in my FMP. I am going to explore sustainability and fashion and create a project from this point onwards.

Already, after researching the subject area, I am feeling much more inspired and motivated and a lot more like I am back on track to completing a project that is relevant to my work as a designer.

I will still be creating the logo for both the Outreach programme and the event that will be taking place, however, I won’t be using this as my FMP.


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