As well as creating my website, I am increasingly aware of all of the other platforms available that are free and act as a host for my work.

I have in the past signed up to tumblr ( and considered sites such as deviantart ( however I have never pursued these areas as I have not felt that I was a) at that level or that b) I was able to continuously update and entertain anyone that may look at my work. Up until now, I had not fully appreciated how useful and interesting such a platform could be. I think that until now, the point where I am promoting myself to potential employers, I have not felt that there was any specific need to be putting my work online, however now, I am considering the potential of having a space for my work that would not cost me anything financially, but that could potentially provide me with more online viewings of my work and portfolio.

Online communities and areas for designers/artists/performers/creatives to publish their work are brilliant in that they develop networking opportunities that could never have existed without the internet, for instance, I could meet someone from another country, set up a brief and complete work for them as a freelancer from my own flat, whereas before, this would only happen if people met face-to-face.

It is with my new insight into the potential of using an existing site to promote my work that I will explore this path more thoroughly as a way of promoting my work. The only thing that I am a little dubious about is how will I be able to stop someone from taking my ideas and reproducing my work? This confuses me and makes me a little hesitant to reveal any final pieces or finished ideas… I guess this is a risk I have to take if I want to be noticed for my work. And, with that, I suppose the more people that see my work, the more recognised it would be, and in turn, the more people that would recognise when my work was being copied.


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