Final Major Project

For my final major project I will be working on a branding and learning project.

The branding element will be producing the logo and all branded materials for an event in university that will be aimed at 15-17 year old students who are potentially going to apply to Ravensbourne in the coming years. It is an event to inspire and showcase the work we do and inspire students to go further in their education. The research will take the shape of interviewing people who have been a part of past projects, interviewing the staff who are involved in the project and exploring what it is that 15-17 year old’s are interested in.

The learning element will be a class I will teach over the five days of the project at Easter. For the FMP, I will be producing lesson plans, evaluating teaching methods and researching into the target audience.

I need to produce a project that will both provide a communicative element for ‘selling’ the project to applicants and then think further into this and explore how I can translate this project from the brand to the actual event itself.


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