Social media

I need to make sure that I am using social media to the best of my advantage. I am going to be more pro-active this year in how I use the sites that I have signed up to by following this check list:


– start to remove old photographs that are not needed on there anymore

– i don’t really use facebook that much anymore and have already got secure privacy settings in place so i cannot be tracked by unwanted visitors. I also find that this is useful in a working environment as it means that I can keep my personal life quite separate from my private life. I am constantly reading in the news about teachers who have pupils who have been on their facebook or information that is leaked out onto social networking sites by ‘accident’. I would prefer to keep my facebook as professional as possible in terms of who can access it, rather than removing everything and providing open access.


– Create a link to my wordpress on here

Tweet more regularly

– Ensure I am following all the ‘right’ companies and that I am reading the relevant tweets that appear in my feed

– Sync twitter to my iphone so that I have a more constant and permenant link with it


-Edit my profile and make it relevant to this year

– Add any relevant information about myself

– Ensure my profile image is appropriate and professional

– Keep updates continuous and relevant, but not as often as twitter

– Seek out potential people who I should be connected with and have contacts with who I should be linked to

Look at jobs on the linkedin recommended page

– Start to look closely at the email updates sent out by LinkedIn

– Respond to connection requests quickly and efficiently and follow up if necessary


– I have used WordPress up until this point to keep a blog for not only IPP, but also for all the other units I am studying, as well as keeping a blog of all of my other interests. By adding categories to my blog I have been able to blog about different topics on the same site, without having to log in to different areas

– I would like to continue to use WordPress and ensure that I keep up with how much I am blogging and make sure that everything I put into my blog is relevant

– I need to continually make sure that the ‘about me’ section and links I provide on my ‘homepage’ are up-to-date so that any traffic that moves through my page will be informed of the relevant information

– I will add a link to my blog onto my Twitter profile page and to my LinkedIn website section so that I am creating a link between the platforms I choose to use for my promotional materials in terms of social media


– I have bought I now need to figure out how to create my website on this page

– This may involve getting someone who knows how to do all of this involved through university as I am not experienced enough in this field to pursue creating my website

– However, I can do the layout design, so I would like to work on this once my portfolio is up to date as I would like the two to have a similar and connected feeling as I feel this is important in the process of creating a personal ‘brand’ and developing and ensuring that people ‘know’ the brand and feel comfortable and aware of it.


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