Recruitment agencies

Having worked as an admin assistant at a recruitment agency over last summer, for 3 months, I was initially recluctant to use a recruitment agency. This is because I have had the experience of working ‘behind the scenes’ and I have seen how competitive and almost secretive everything is that is going on. I would prefer, if possible to not go through a recruitment agency, however, it seems that with all of the competition at the moment in the job market, an agency may well be the safest and most efficient way of going about getting a job.

The thing that really does put me off when I look on recruitment websites is how confidential everything is. For instance, the employer is referred to as ‘our client’ e.g: “Our client is the London Studio of one of the industries biggest names.” Or the salary rate is listed as “Competitive”… and I don’t know what this means, so I get confused and end up not pursuing the job. I understand, from working at a recruitment agency that this is how it must be done, but for the candidate it can be very frustrating. It is a vicious circle!

Nevertheless, I have looked at some of the top rated recruitment agencies, and also looked at some of the ones recommended to us by Ravensbourne, and I will continue to reflect on these websites, as I cannot rule out any possibility of employment in the current financial climate and especially as I am pursuing a career in such a competitive industry.

I have found that some agencies do not recruit for graduates by using the following website: this is useful as some agencies will only recruit for people who have a certain amount of experience as these are the people that they are more likely to be able to place into employment.

Websites I have looked at:

I found there are a number of other places available that I can look. There are websites that the recruitment agencies post on to to advertise jobs for their clients. I learned this through my placement, so I was able to gain a lot of information and knowledge about how a recruitment agency operates and how much work they have to put in to find the suitable candidate for the employer and the suitable job for the employee.


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