Motivated and productive

I love the days when I feel very motivated and productive.

Today I started off the day with 2 clementines and a cup of tea and resisted the urge to sit and work while I ate breakfast… this is my downfall- eating on the go. So, for this year I am going to keep to eating as a break rather than while I work.

I then did a bit of research into what needs to be done today and was surprised to find how much I have actually done this week… it’s been one of those weeks where it really feels like I haven’t done much, but I have put in a lot of hours and really not done much else (boring I know, but I really would like my degree to be totally worth it and not feel like at the end of it I didn’t work for it.)

Today’s work:

Next I made pancakes and scrambled eggs, went for a walk with my boyfriend and picked up a Starbucks and because I had a 50p off offer, the coffee was only £1.65… ahhhh I’m getting old when I start talking about things like this! But… I am a student and am definitely feeling it this term.

I think Christmas makes everyone feel it with money, so I’m going to attempt to be quite good for the last 2 terms… should be okay as I just got bought lots of lovely new clothes for Christmas, have ordered some Winter boots and one of my dresses for either the Hen Do in February or the Wedding itself I am going to in March (V excited).

Despite it being the weekend, I actually don’t mind working so much as this holiday has been the chill-out I needed… I’ve seen the friends I wanted to, but also, as always, didn’t get to see some of the ones I really miss =[ I only had a week and a half back, so tried to fit in as much as possible really! And, I got to spend a really long weekend with my family over the weekend Christmas fell on. The bottom image is a new app I downloaded on my iPhone called Incredibooth- definitely worth checking out.


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