It really is the little things

I have spent so long on this branding project that I have not noticed all the ‘little’ things that need to be branded. Not so much that I haven’t noticed and more to the point of I hadn’t thought how they could actually end up being the things that I end up really taking time over and considering so carefully.

But, now that I have finished one of the smaller areas that I will be branding, I can quite happily say that it is one of my favourite ‘things’ of the overall brand that I have created.

Simple. The typography works (I hope). And it really communicates the brand well.

As soon as I have submitted my work, I will post up pictures and stop being so ambiguous with what I am talking about!!

Also, while being in need of a little inspiration today, I found a really great packaging design blog that I posted recently on my twitter.

Here is the blog:


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