What I will be working on today

With one week until hand-in, the stress/nerves are very much settling in. But strangely enough, I am quite calm about it. This year, I am really enjoying my work and am not letting myself get too worked up about it all. I know that this worked for dissertation hand in, as I was able to produce it and not panic. I think that I have really had a turn-around with how I handle my workload. In the years before I tended to get so worked up about it that I did not see the bigger picture of just getting on with it, being calm about it and producing exactly what I was trying to produce. Instead I would be worrying too much and then not realise how much work I had actually done or where my project was going.

Today I will be working on the elements of my branding. I spent last Wednesday really pulling together the finalised ideas and starting to shape up my final piece. It feels like everytime I think I have crossed something off my ‘To-Do’ list, I add about five more… but this is a good thing as it means I am not allowing myself to forget anything.

I’m quite looking forward to producing my project log, as, with three full sketchbooks and the desktop on my laptop full of work in progress, it is hard to imagine everything coming together, however when I start to think about ordering everything and linking all my research and final pieces together, I can see how much progress has been made.

I will be producing my project log and final boards this weekend, in preparation for moving towards the final hand-in next week. On the one hand this is quite a daunting prospect, but on the other hand, it is something I do enjoy- piecing ideas together, creating boards and showing my ideas. I like looking back and analysing the work and also clarifying what has been done for the client and for the consumer/customer. Organisation in terms of concept to final idea and ‘storytelling’ are definitely aspects of design that I enjoy- creating the mood of a project and then being able to fully communicate the scene that is being ‘set’.


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