Contemplating work…

Back to blogging and sorting everything out ready for the start of term 2 on Monday. I’m quite nervous for going back as it feels closer and closer to finishing my BA and it is all getting very real.

The dissertation has all been handed in, so that is something I won’t have to work on this coming term, but the workload has really stepped up. The first week is focused on finishing up the Competition Brief ISTD project from last term and then after that, we begin work on our Final Major project and also alongside this, we have a D&AD project to work on.

I am really looking forward to the D&AD project as I am sure I know the one I would like to work on, however with the Final Major project I’m a lot less sure… I really don’t know what I would like to work on. I had thought about taking my dissertation subject of Genetically Modified food on a stage and actually producing packaging that actually highlights the known pros and cons of the product and seeing how this would affect the consumer’s choice. Although thinking about this, I do not know if a) there is enough scope for a 12 week project and b) if I would like to produce a second (potentially third, depending on my final decision for the D&AD brief) branding/packaging project… I will talk to my tutor once we are back on Monday, although I do not actually get my tutor review until Monday 17th, so that is a further week that I will have to wait and see.



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