Job hunting

Today I am going to do some job hunting. I am going to look on the websites that I am familiar with in terms of where to look for jobs. I will start with the following:


Design Week

Channel 4 recruitment –

And work my way on from there.

I tend to look at these websites as these are where I can select filters and edit exactly what I am looking for. I especially like the channel 4 website as there is an option to have email notification alerts, which is really useful for keeping in the ‘loop’ with what is going on in the job market.

I find that when I am looking on these websites, I can then move to another and another as I find inspiration/ideas in things that are said on certain websites.

Also, when looking on sites such as Dezeen and Design Week, there is also the opportunity to see other designer’s work and look at potential places to look to for work. This is both inspiring and provides a more intuitive approach to looking for employment, rather than just using the job search tool.


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