Finished Penrose Market

Today was a very long and slow day, but nonetheless insightful.

Despite the weather being cold and dark and trade being slow, I was able to gain some useful insights into business as a whole and also hear the reflections of customers and people who passed by my stall. Everyone who visited was very complimentary of the products. The only comment against my product which was not at all a negative criticism was that it would have been great if I had have had more Christmas related cards, which is understandable, however, given the lack of customers, I am quite glad I didn’t go down this route, as, if I had made Christmas cards, it would definitely have been harder to come up with an exit plan, however with the stock that I have left over being un-related to season or event, I am able to target any market at any time of the year.

There was a surprise sale of the t-shirt which I had initially purchased for myself to wear on the stall, but which someone actually purchased within 20 minutes of me being set up for business!

Overall it was an educational experience and one which I will take with me and learn from in the future.



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