My head is in the clouds

Today, my head is in the clouds, and not because I’m dreaming, but because this stinking cold has taken a turn for the worst. Not too sure what to do with myself, so I’m going to start on my action plan of the day.

First move- cut out the labels I created yesterday and attach them to the raffia and start to make bundles of cards… although I may cut everything out now, then take the things into uni tomorrow and work on them there… not too sure! It is so crazy that this is the last week of first term. Definitely wishing I was firing on all cylinders… but I will make the most of this week and then relax lots of Christmas.

My ‘work station‘:

After I have cut out the cards, I’m going to spend a couple of hours working on my dissertation; checking terminology, word count (worried that I’ve massively gone over…) and generally proof reading!

Then, after the cutting and the writing I am going to work on my ISTD Competition Brief. I keep getting worried about it as I feel so near to the final product with the idea, but in all honesty I think I’m just nervous to actually go for it and print and make the final piece. That is another thing i’m worried about… the printing! Think I may do some test prints later, to get an idea and so that I feel a little more reassured. As great as working on a mac is… its nothing compared to having the product in your hands. And… at the end of the day, I am designing something that will be printed… so I should print!!

I tried printing on different papers the other day, which felt more ‘real’ and like I’m moving away from the research stages! EXCITING!!!

I’ll try to keep updates of how everything is going today. Here is the hand-written version of my never-ending To-Do list for today:


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