Free Graze box


I just tried out ordering from!

It is actually brilliant… I was a bit doubtful to begin with, as I thought… food through the post?! But if you want something cheap, quick and easy and healthy then this is great… last night I came in after work tired and hungry and my graze box had been delivered! It was free as your first one is free and then your second is half price! And, having destroyed the contents of 3 of the 4 tubs between last night and right now, I would say go for it! You can choose what you want to put into the box and there are all sorts of allergy specific things you can click on, which is great for me as I always worry where and how everything has been packaged with.

Here is the code you can enter into the website for a free box:

And, don’t worry about delivery, the package is letterbox sized, and the little tubs inside are all sealed shut!
FINALLY uploaded the picture… for some reason iPhoto does not want to work on my laptop, but a better version is available on my desktop?!

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