All done, for now!

I think i’ve managed to sort everything out on here! For now!

I’m feeling a little better today, although I definitely can’t focus on illustrator properly which is really annoying. So, i’m focusing on preparing everything for Penrose Market on Wednesday and then i’m going to do a bit of dissertation after lunch. As I’m at work today (back on the front desk) and its quiet, I can use the time to get my head back into work. One part of me is saying stop and get better, but the other part is saying work through it this week and then relax at Christmas. I just don’t want to end up going back home and feeling exhausted!

Here is my ‘To Do’ list of the weekend:

I bought some really lovely Christmas cards from the other week, so I’m going to write these out today and get the in the post! Here is my Christmassy table I am working from (the Marks & Spencer bag is recycled material with a print on it, the Starbucks was a Soya Toffee Nut Latte- after yesterday’s disaster of experimenting with the Gingerbread Latte, this had to be done, and the cards are the ones I mentioned before):

Right. Now to get on with making the bits and bobs for my stall. Then, this afternoon I will print it out on Ivory Card as I remembered I have some of this. It was one of those offers where you buy it and don’t really know why, so I’m definitely glad I bought it! I think it was from Rymans. I’ve used the White Card from there and it printed really well, so I don’t have to worry about print quality.

This afternoon I need to go buy sellotape after work… realised the other day that a key component of present wrapping is definitely tape!!


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