Career Path

Yesterday we had the third session of IPP for the year… I found it interesting to hear about other people’s ideas and career plans and inspiring to hear where other people are heading. At the same time… scary!! In just a few months we will all be graduating.

I wrote down my career plan, the things I want to do by January and where I see myself in five years time (this is my idea). I really would like to study an OU course next year or the year after in business, so I really need to start to explore this. I need to explore how I will financially afford this and whether I would be able to pursue this depending on the career path I end up on. It may be that, after all of this, I find a job that I had not thought about or one that offers me a completely different experience. As I have learned so far, throughout my education, a lot can change, and despite having plans now, another, more promising, more exciting or completely different direction may come into the equation and then I have a new path to move on to.

One point that I didn’t really understand was… would we pay for example £100 to be known as ‘Ravensbourne Alumni’… I would if I was earning enough money, possibly… but why do we have to pay for something that we are anyway? If I knew what the £100 was for then I would consider it further, but for now it seems like an unexplained expense and I am confused by it.

My plan:


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