First chapter edit

Cover of "SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooli...

Cover via Amazon

So, so, so close to finishing my 1st chapter edit, and I am actually really happy with it! I’ve completely edited it, wiped out all the useless ramblings that were in there before… I think I just clicked on to all the stuff I had read in Superfreakonomics and didn’t even think to look elsewhere… but now, i’m really getting to grips with the economics of design and am finding myself even further interested in the subject. I feel like i’m making progress and learning from what I am studying which is really the aim of writing this dissertation!

Just for reference, the top image is the US cover and the bottom image is the UK version… you choose… Either way, I would recommend it, its really interesting and the way everything is explained is in terms that are understandable, but also informative!











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