Final crit. before formative

Today went well, I was a bit stuck-in-a-rut last night, however now, I feel that I have moved on from this stage and can begin to progress with the other elements of the project.

I am going to experiment with two alternative ideas for the logo and play around with colour and layout to make sure I have covered all bases. I would also like to incorporate more of my early research into the final element and it is important not to leave out critical decision points in the final piece.

Overall, I have a busy weekend of work ahead, before the formative on Monday, but I feel a lot closer to finalising than I did this morning. I have the concept, values and target market sorted, it is just a case of applying all of these elements to the final product.

I need to go and visit some places… hopefully I will have time next week in between IPP, E&E, dissertation hand-back and reviewing formative feedback.

Today I have also started to look into elements that I only touched on before- shape, colour etc. and this is really pulling everything together- using initial ideas and formed ideas and combining them to reflect the research stage and the final outcome.


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