I decided to order 650 postcards. For a few reasons:

1) When I went to order 100, there was a misleading ‘click here for another 150’ which I read to be 150 and I would be able to control which 150 they would be, but no, Vistaprint just stuck 150 MORE of the SAME illustration onto my order without confirming with me… so… goodbye money and hello more cards than I wanted! Annoyed to say the least. However, I don’t want to dwell on this and so positively- i now have 150 extra of the card that was my favourite design anyway! Perfect! And I will bundle these in sets of 5. So it’s okay really… no hard feelings… just probably won’t use Vistaprint again… Lets hope the order comes through on time and with no mistakes.

2) The cost once you go through the ordering process is VERY hidden… an additional 2.49 for adding my own image and then the VAT and then the shipping is all cleverly concealed and scattered around over separate sections of the website so you never properly know the end price until it comes to ordering! So… 1,000 postcards at this stage was that little bit too much, and if it really works out, then I can order more and advance my business on and into other places, but for now, I will stick happily and comfortably (ish) with my 650 cards.


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