Charity research

I have begun to research charities that I feel would be of benefit.

I am thinking along the educational/youth lines.

Through looking at charities, I am inspired in terms of my own business plans for my future career plan. I would like to be able to support and help causes as I feel that I have been privileged enough to live in this country, to go to school, university and live in a flat at university and have a home I can go to where my family lives. I have so much opportunity that I feel that it is sometimes taken for granted, and I would love to be successful enough in my own career to create a business than can have links with charities and support communities and people who have not had the opportunities I have had to this point. I also feel that by adding the drive of a charity to my work, it creates an even further determination on my part to be a success as, through the development of my E&E project and through my careers research, I find that so much emphasis is placed on money and value and not as much is placed on the difference design has on the world. I have always been passionate about how design can influence and change opinions and create a story, so, it only seems fitting that the difference that I can make does not only affect myself in a positive way, but also creates a positive affect on other people.


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