Conde Nast profile

I have created a profile on the Conde Nast website, so that, when I check on the website, all of my information is pre-loaded and I can apply for any jobs that appeal to me in the future quickly and efficiently. By creating a profile, it also means that I am more likely to check back on the website as I have more of a connection with the site.

This is the website for the American branch of Conde Nast as I aim to work outside of the UK in the future. There is not a profile creation section on the UK site at present, but when I check the American site, I will in turn check the UK one for potential employment opportunities and will constantly be aware of what is going on in the Conde Nast job market.

Here is the confirmation email:

Dear Ruby

Thank you for your interest in Condé Nast.  We are currently reviewing your experience and qualifications and will contact you if your background meets our requirements.

If you would like to review your candidate file and add more information, please click here.

Human Resources Department
Condé Nast


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