Transforming the idea

Today I was very inspired by an afternoon of learning about setting up a business and what it entails to be an entrepreneur.

Having thought further on my idea for alterations and customisations, I started to think about the contacts I have within the design industry. What if it wasn’t just myself doing the accessories and designs and customisations? What if I could involve my contacts somehow?

If I were able to involve these people, I could not only develop a profile for my business, but also I would be providing a unique service.

I would like to send out a t-shirt to contacts within the industry and then be able to sell these designs as one-off, unique designs. But, before the sale I would like to photograph all the designs and bank the images. Once I have sold the t-shirts, this will provide working capital for the next process in my idea, in which I will then produce a book/magazine/journal of the designs, alongside a message/inspirational text/thought from each designer to go with the design. I would then like to create a book of the designs that would be able to be sold for a charitable cause.

My next stage in the process is to look into a charitable cause that would benefit greatly.

There is also the possibility of raising funds for the final year degree show, however, I would like to create something that is more motivational and apparent to the public and also something that I would be motivated to create and that would not only be a short-term project but something I could push forwards with in the future.


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