Presenting ideas and meeting entrepreneurs

Today we presented our research findings in our group. We had Warren Buffett to research, and I actually really enjoyed learning about such an inspiring entrepreneur who seemingly does not care about making a fool of himself, for the sake of his company. It would seem that to Warren Buffett, his money is one thing, but ensuring that he is creating a successful business and enterprise and that his employees are happy is the main drive in his work.

During the presentation, we played the following video of a Geico advert owned by and featuring Warren Buffett. I feel it shows a side of him that many successful business people would nit be comfortable showing, however it shows he is personable and is on a level with his staff. Overall I feel it is a clever ans successful piece of marketing and a great promotional advert for Geico and for himself:

Following the presentations, we learned a little more about branding, marketing and promotions. I am really enjoying this course and am starting to take a real interest in business and entrepreneurship. I hope that the course continues to develop in this way.

Finally in this lesson, before lunch, we were presented with ideas for the market by the marketing committee who will be in charge of the overall running and promotion of the event.

In the afternoon we met the following entrepreneurs:

Ben Terrett (
Lisa Stockton (
Jonathan Sawdon Smith (

I really enjoyed meeting and listening to the entrepreneurs. It was a different kind of lecture than what I am used to. Usually we listen to designers and creatives talking about their work within a design-based company, but these people were so inspiring in a different way. We heard about how they created their businesses, what they went through and their success stories. I was really inspired and would like to look further into how I can develop my ideas into existing businesses. I would like to pursue this further into my course/career.


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