Second stages of ideas

Today I had an idea that came from inspiration last night.

After taking my sewing machine out to make some alterations to some of my trousers and also using the machine to sew pages into my sketchbook, I realised there is quite a demand for someone who can make these quick alterations. It is a means of convenience… not everyone has the tools or equipment to make simple alterations and adjustments. Not only that, but people do not have the time for this. Also, trying to find someone and pay someone to do such a job is something that not many people, especially university students, working parents or older people will have the time to do or find.

I then thought about how sometimes, you have an outfit for a night out, but it is one that you have worn before, and if there was something simple that could be changed on it then it is an appealing prospect… it means you wouldn’t have to rush out and purchase a new outfit/ waste time trying to find one/ waste money on something you basically already own!

So… customisations and alterations became my thought process and after talking to a lot of people about it and already hearing someone say they wish they hadn’t bought a certain jacket because the button had fallen off then and there or someone else mentioning a hole in an item of clothing in a short space of time, I really think this is something I could work with. But I also feel there is more to this project.


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