Competition Brief

The brief I have chosen to do is the ISTD one, for several reasons- it appeals the most to me, typography is one of my favourite units I have covered over the course, the play-on-words with the title of the restaurant has a lot of room to expand upon… and varying other reasons.

We have our next briefing session next Monday afternoon and are expected to have more of a plan in by then. The deadline we have been set is January 17th, so I feel like this is a good timetable to work alongside completing my dissertation.

The Brief
We want you to create a concept for the branding of a typographically themed restaurant, hence the title Mutton Quad. If you don’t get the pun – check it out – it’s only a working title.
This should be a thorough appraisal of the possibilities of not only the visual identity but
how the typographic theme could permeate all aspects of the place. Could a dish with Parma Ham use Bodoni in its title? What are the possibilites for the exterior and interior? How can it be promoted?
Use print, screen, combined media – the choice is yours – as long as it has a solid idea, informs and shows your typographic skills. Remember that words and language are our collateral and that your submission should be essentially typographic.


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